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Exchange Policy

Exchange Policy

1. Inspection

1.1 It is your responsibility to inspect the products at the point of collection or delivery, as the case may be.

1.2 If you discover any defect in the quantity or quality of the products, you shall notify the staff of Wheat at the store or the individual delivering the products, as the case may be. Note that failure to do so may mean that you have accepted the products unconditionally and Co-Operate shall have no liability to you in respect of any defect(s) in the products.

1.3 If, however, a defect is discovered and you notify Co-Operate (please email together with some photos of the product) within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the products, you may be eligible for an exchange. You acknowledge and agree that any such exchange shall be your sole remedy against Co-Operate in respect of any defective products.


2. Exchange

2.1 Where a product is found to be defective and you have notified Co-Operate of the defect or you are unsatisfied with any product that you have purchased from the Website, you can exchange the product for another product of the same or higher price within three (3) days of the date of collection or delivery (as the case may be), at Wheat retail store with your receipt, save that:

  1. there shall be no exchange if it is a promotional product or the product was provided free of charge;
  2. there shall be no exchange if the product is no longer in resalable condition, as a result of opened/damaged packaging or 
    deterioration of product quality
  3. there shall be no exchange for any products that have not been stored in accordance with the instruction as stated in the specifications, labels or packaging; or
  4. there shall be no exchange for any chilled and frozen products once such products have been received and acknowledged by you

2.2 To be eligible for any refund or exchange, you must bring along the original receipt, original packaging, tags, labels, accessories and complimentary gifts that come with it. Co-Operate reserves the right to not provide any exchange in the absence of any documentary evidence indicating the date on which the products were delivered or collected by you, as the case may be.


3. Your Undertaking

3.1 You acknowledge and agree that:

  1. you shall store the products in accordance with the instructions as to storage contained in the specifications relating to the products or contained on the packaging or labels of the products; and
  2. where products are supplied with a "best before" or “use by” date, you shall not consume the products where the "best before" or “use by” date has expired or use the products with other goods that have passed the "best before" or “use by” date.

3.2 You further acknowledge and agree that you will not consume or use any product(s) which you reasonably suspect is not fit for consumption.