CHEFMADE Pastry Tip Assorted

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Introducing the CHEFMADE Decor Nozzle - the perfect tool for taking your cake decorating skills to the next level. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this nozzle is designed for precise and consistent flow, allowing you to create stunning designs on your cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods.

With a range of sizes and shapes available, the CHEFMADE Decor Nozzle allows you to create intricate details, borders, and other designs with ease. Its compatibility with most standard piping bags makes it a versatile addition to any baker's toolkit.

Crafted from durable materials, the CHEFMADE Decor Nozzle is built to last and withstand frequent use. It's also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and maintenance, so you can spend more time creating and less time cleaning up.

Whether you're a professional pastry chef or a home baker, the CHEFMADE Decor Nozzle is a must-have tool for creating beautiful and professional-looking designs on your cakes and other baked goods. So why wait? Add this versatile and high-quality decorating nozzle to your collection today and start impressing your friends, family, or customers with stunning and intricate designs.


1# Decorating Tip (WK9366)⌀25mm x H40mm

2# Decorating Tip (WK9367)⌀25mm x H37mm

3# Decorating Tip (WK9368) ⌀25mm x H40mm

4# Decorating Tip (WK9369) - ⌀28mm x H48mm

5# Decorating Tip (WK9370) - ⌀25mm x H40mm

6# Decorating Tip (WK9371) - ⌀25mm x H41mm

7# Decorating Tip (WK9372) - ⌀25mm x H40mm

8# Decorating Tip (WK9373) - ⌀35mm x H37mm

9# Decorating Tip (WK9374) - ⌀30mm x H47mm

10# Decorating Tip (WK9375) - ⌀25mm x H43mm

11# Decorating Tip (WK9376) - ⌀18mm x H73mm

12# Decorating Tip (WK9377) - ⌀25mm x H93mm

13# Decorating Tip (WK9378) - ⌀25mm x H91mm

14# Decorating Tip (WK9379) - ⌀25mm x H42mm

15# Decorating Tip (WK9383) - ⌀18mm x H30mm

16# Decorating Tip (WK9384) - ⌀18mm x H35mm

17# Decorating Tip (WK9385) - ⌀18mm x H28mm

18# Decorating Tip (WK9386) - ⌀18mm x H26mm

19# Decorating Tip (WK9387) - ⌀18mm x H30mm

20# Decorating Tip (WK9388) - ⌀18mm x H28mm

21# Decorating Tip (WK9389) - ⌀25mm x H39mm

22# Decorating Tip (WK9390) - ⌀25mm x H38mm

23# Decorating Tip (WK9391) - ⌀25mm x H39mm

24# Decorating Tip (WK9392) - ⌀25mm x H43mm

25# Decorating Tip (WK9393) - ⌀25mm x H42mm

26# Decorating Tip (WK9394) - ⌀25mm x H38mm

27# Decorating Tip (WK9395) - ⌀25mm x H40mm

28# Decorating Tip (WK9396) - ⌀25mm x H40mm

29# Decorating Tip (WK9397) - ⌀25mm x H38mm

30# Decorating Tip (WK9398) - ⌀25mm x H45mm

31# Decorating Tip (WK9399) - ⌀25mm x H44mm

32# Decorating Tip (WK9400) - ⌀25mm x H40mm


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