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Perfecting creaming for better baking.

🧈 Perfect creaming Butter: Lightened colour, fluffy texture, dissolved sugar (with a slightly grainy feel). The sugar seems to have dissolved, but when you pinch the mixture between your fingers, you can still feel the sugar granules.

🧈 Under-creamed Butter: Darker colour, heavy, rough texture. Results in heavy cakes and dense cookies. It doesn't allow sufficient air to be integrated into your batter or dough.

🧈 Over-creamed Butter: It will look like whipped butter, gummy, and dense. This may lead to baking mishaps. Over-creamed butter and sugar introduce excessive air and change the ultimate texture. It can result in cakes, cupcakes, or cookies collapsing during baking or cooling. If it happens, save it as a butter spread add in salt and save it as a whipped butter spread to be spread on the you.

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